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in Chennai


For beginners & experienced riders

Adults, Teens, Children (6 years+)


Horse Riding Arena

100% Money Back Guarantee in case of Lockdown


Horse Riding

Learn how to ride and effectively use the riders aids  to successfully navigate the horse & master your skills.


Practical Horse Management

Dive into the "Horse-World" and get hands-on experience how to lead, saddle and manage a horse. 


Leadership with Horses

A fascinating experience for leaders at all levels. Refine your communication and Leadership skills with these powerful animals


Horse Riding Course (2 d)


7 hours program including horse-riding & practical learning with international certified coaches. Video

Master your skills in 

> Horse Riding (2 classes x 45 min)

> Practical Horse Management (3 hours)

> Horse Health & Riding Knowledge (2 hours)

2-Day Course

7,500 INR/person

For beginners & experienced riders, Adults (max 72 kg) and Children (6 years+)

21-22 Jan'23
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am -11:30 am

7,500 INR/person

Certification Test (incl 2 hours Prep)

can be taken after 3x courses or 30 hours

7,000 INR/person

Horse Adventure (1/2 day)


Experience the joy of riding a horse & learn how to create a bond with these magnificent animals. Watch the Video:


> Introduction to the "Horse World" (30 min)

> Horse Riding (1 class x 45 min)

> Communication with Horses (1 hour)

> Games & Exercises with Horses  (1 hour)

Half-Day Course

4,500 INR/person

For beginners & experienced riders, Adults (max 72 kg) and Children (6 years+)

Book your spot!

22 or 29 Jan 2023, Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

4,500 INR/person


International Horse Riding Academy

With this learning platform and certification we provide an international standard for people who are passionate about horses and equestrian sports. Dive into the world of horse-riding  and develop your skills through an easy to follow certification system along with intensive preparation courses.

The International Horse Riding Academy works together with the Chennai Equitation Center. In the lush green campus which is accessible from OMR (Chennai) live about 50 horses and ponies from around the world. We have recently added an All-Weather Horse Riding arena to make training during the monsoon time possible for all our riders.


At this center children and adults train in various equestrian disciplines (Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo and more), from the first time on the horse up to national competition level.


* 100% Money Back Guarantee in case of  Lockdown

The Coaches

Isabelle Hasleder, Horse Assisted Educator, Leadershi


Horse Assisted Educator

(EAHAE, Germany) at HQ Leadership Int. &

Certified Horse Riding Instructor (Austria)



Experienced Horse Trainer certified by the British Horse Society (Stage 3)



Horse Riding Instructor

at Chennai Equitation Center

Develop your horse sense and receive your certificate & star-rider pin

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*100% Money Back Guarantee in case of Lockdown

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